Hi Ray, just emailing to say thank you very much for all your help with this insurance job. It’s all finished and tenants move in tomorrow so we are very happy.

Peter and Clive and the team have been excellent and done an outstanding job and I thrilled with how the claim and the build has been managed.

Once again thank you.

Julie Reynolds (Director)
Reynolds Rentals Ltd
021 738155

To whom my concern,

I,am writing to you to let you know that that i was very happy with the builder Peter Brown who looked after us with the rebuild of our property at 27 Sandwich Road Hamilton.

Peter went out of his way to ensure we were completely aware of what was going on with the rebuild. He also came up with very positive solutions that benefited us for the long term.

When ever we had an inquiry not once did he ever make us feel like we were a nuisance or that we were inconveniencing Peter or his team.

Peter Brown did his up most to find an appropriate solution and his communication was great thought the whole time.
In fact he had such a good handle in the situation at hand that it made us much more at ease and I think he has done an absolutely amazing job in the rebuild from the ground up the the finished home.

I would strongly recommend that you would consider using Peter Brown contraction again if you need more work done in the future.

Yours sincerely
Jan Ross

Dear Sir,
On the 24th November 2010 our large two storey house in Cambridge ,(where we had lived for 34 years), sustained substantial fire damage due to an electrical fault’. The fire caused massive damage to the upstairs area where the large terracotta tiled roof collapsed into the house and also sustained major water damage to the whole downstairs area.

We contacted our Insurance company (NZI) and an assessor from McLarens Young was appointed. Richard Murphy contacted us and we met onsite. One hears many horror stories regarding insurance claims but we can honestly say, from the time we met Richard, we were treated with professionalism and empathy. Being in our mid 70s, the fire was the last thing we needed and the thought of what had happened was like a nightmare.

We cannot thank Richard enough for the thoughtful and professional way he went about his job in getting our house back to its former glory. He made our life easy with the contractors he put together to carry out the massive job of rebuilding the house.

Richard suggested that we should meet with Peter Brown from P.S.Brown Construction Ltd as they had a reputation of being one of the most experienced fire reinstate builders around. We agreed to meet and once again, straight away we were made to feel at ease and agreed we should ask to go with Peters company, P.S.Brown Construction Ltd. For the next 12 months, after Richard awarded Peter the contract to rebuilt our house, we were treated to a truly professional rebuild. All tradesmen onsite were of the highest standard and at all times we were kept in the loop regarding decisions, changes etc which was important. With Peter having his own painters on his payroll, he had complete control on how the job was run. both in work standard and timewise. The standard of the workmanship of all trades was of the highest quality and we have had many friends comment on the superb finish off the end result. We can truly say that we have made many friends from this rebuild and that in itself
says how well all worked together to make our stressful times better.

Sir, we would like to thank your Insurance company for all of the above, as we had said, we had read of horror stories over the years when it comes to insurance claims, but in our case, we have nothing but great stories to tell others. Please pass our thanks on to Richard Murphy, Peter Brown and all others who made our lives a lot easier during this testing time.

In July of last year a house that I owned had a substantial fire, basically gutting the house. I would like to take this opportunity to thank State Insurance for repairing the damaged house. I would like to make a special thank you to Peter Brown and his team for the fantastic work the put in to restore the house to what in my opioion is brand new.

I found Peter to be excellent to deal with and he went out of his way to repair the house to a very very high standard and quite frankly would reccommend him to anyone who was in the same situation I was in, so thank you very much.

You recently carried out some reinstatement at the Oliver’s house following a fire. This was the subject of claims with two insurance companies under the NRMA banner.

They have sent me a letter which, amongst other things, says

“We would also like to thank the builder Peter Brown from P S Brown Construction Ltd. Peter and his team provided a high quality,professional repair for which we are grateful and would have no hesitation in recommending his services to your future clients.”

I am delighted that we have very satisfied clients and thank you for your contribution towards this. We will also, obviously, take on board their recommendation on your services.

Dear Peter,
Faith and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for the total restoration of our home at the above address.

It is wonderful to be back in a home that has been restructured the highest standards by a group of highly skilled and dedicated workmen.

Peter, you deserve full credit for the way you inspected and oversaw the renewal of our home after such a devastating fire in which we lost everything. We have a new home which is a credit to your company. The fact that you were prepared to listen to a couple of oldies and successfully Translate our wishes is to your credit.

A truly professional and dedicated team.

Once again we thank you and your team for an undertaking so well completed.

I would like to thank you for accepting my claim. When it happened I was so devastated at the extent of damage and loss of my property and was so thankful of having house and contents insurance through NZI. I was given several builders names by McLarens Young International. One of them was P S Brown Construction Ltd. Because they specialize in fire restoration and were recommended, I was relieved when told that they had got the job.

I appreciated Peter’s suggestions about positive changes to the house. I The workmanship is of the highest quality, from carpenters through to painter /decorator. I have had a lot of people inquire about who had done the job. I’m extremely pleased with the final result as l had a beautiful home to move back into before Christmas. I would highly recommend PS Brown Construction Ltd to anyone that needed a builder especially if it involved fire restoration. It is a specialized job as I came to realise when liaising with Peter and seeing what it involved.

I’m writing the following in acknowledgement of all who worked on our repair. As a recently absent landlord who had just moved to Australia getting the phone call saying that your investment had been seriously damaged as a result of fire wasn’t good news. I was unsure how the resulting claim would be resolved and how the repair would progress. I was expecting the process to be somewhat more difficult.

Right from the start Cunningham Lindsey were great to deal with and made my life significantly easier by organising to secure the property and being proactive in getting the repair underway.

Peter Brown from P. S. Brown Construction Ltd did a fabulous job of the repair and right from the get go keep me well informed of what was happening and the progress being made. (Being a Builder myself this was very important). The level of finish is superb — given the fire damaged shell he started with. I believe without Peter’s input, committment and expertise the repair wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good and the time frame would’ve been dragged out. As a landlord you just want the property to be fixed and re tenanted as quickly as possible. I have nothing but praise for the work Peter and his team did and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone not only for fire re—instatement work but any form of general building.

Throughout the repair process Bob, Peter and Gary from Bridges Insurance worked as a very professional team and were a pleasure to deal with. My life was made much easier and in the end I only retrned to NZ once throughout the repair such was my confidence in them. In reality I probably didn’t even need to — but I was obviously very interested in how work was progressing.

NZI Insurance needs to be congratulated for putting together such capable and confident people. I have nothing but admiration and thanks for the way NZI dealt with my claim and conducted the process. As mentioned earlier I was expecting it to be more difficult. For that l’m very grateful!

We would like you to convey our sincere thanks to VER0 Insurance for your positive actions and especially the builder Peter Brown Ltd for the professional manner in which he took on the task of rebuilding this home. His extensive prior experience with house fires showed why you choose to use him regularly.

Again please forward this to VER0 and thank them for their efficient actions in remedying what could have been a very worrying and hair pulling situation.